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Bait Applications & Tactics for Catching Large Carp

PVA Bagging Techniques for Longer Casting Distances - NEW!!

Effective Baiting Tactic Using Groundbait

Very Good Baits Rarely Used for Carp

Can Carp Assess Nutritional Content of Food Sources?

Using Cheap Baits to Catch Big Carp!

Why Use Huge Bait Sized Boilies?

Different Types of Carp Bait to Help Catch Bigger Carp

Particle Baits Available for Fishing

Rough Guide to Cooking Particles

Additives & Mixes for Making Carp Baits

Nutritional Requirements for Carp to Grow Healthy

The Best Additives When Making Boilies

The Ideal Bait Choice for Different Carp Fishing Situations

Ways to Introduce a New Bait into a Lake

Catching Bigger Carp through a Baiting Campaign

Baiting up for long carp fishing sessions

The Importance of Using Quality Bait to Catch Carp

When to use Pop-ups or Bottom Bait for Carp Fishing

Should I Use Pop Ups More or Less Often?

Advantages of Fishing with High-Visibility Baits

Single Hook Bait Tactics to Catch Carp

Winter Baiting Tactics

Pre-Baiting Swims for More Carp Bites & Runs

List of Big Fish Baits


Basic Simple Carp Rigs

The Pop-Up Claw Rig for Catching Carp

A Great Single Hook Bait Carp Rig For Any Fishing Situation

Over Weighting the Pop-Up Carp Rig

Buoyant Carp Rig using a Long Hair

Carp Fishing Rigs Using Small Pellets

Heavily Weighted Down Pop Up Rig, Good for Fishing in Silt

Fishing Rig for Catching Carp off the Top Surface

Half Pop-Up Fizzing Boilie Attracting Carp Rig

A Simple Carp Fishing Rig with Spinning Hook Effect

Best Snowman Fishing Rig with Neutral Buoyancy Bait

Good Silt Fishing Rigs for Effective Bait Presentations

Fishing Rigs with Different Pop Up Variations

Different Types of Combi-Rigs for Catching Carp

Pellet Carp Rigs for PVA Bags

360 Degree Turning Carp Rig

Advanced Rig & Complex Fishing Rigs & Ideas

An Advanced Carp Fishing Rig

A Double-Baited Scorpion Fishing Rig Straight Off the Lead

Real Maggot Critically Balanced Carp Rigs

Fake Hemp Carp Rig Finely Balanced &  Adjust for Hemp Buoyancy Control

An Advanced Rig that Pulls Hook Point into Flesh for Fast Hooking

A Critically Balanced Fake Pellet Rig & How Pellet Rig Looks in Water

Fake Maggot Rig Using Rubber Maggots

The Biggest Secret Carp Fishing Rig for Pop-Ups

Carp Rig with Small Pop Up, Long-Shank Hooks & Shot on Barb

Combi Rig Made Using Monofilament line Tied to Another Mono Line

How Long Should Hook Links be when Making Rigs?

Fake Weed Trick Carp Rig

A Fishing Rig to Fool Big Wary carp

The Best Withy pool Fishing Rigs

New Rotating Pop-Up Carp Rigs

Big Carp Popped Up Rig System

Various Rig Pop-Up Presentations

One of the Best Ledger Rig for Catching Catfish

A Catfish Rig - The Float Rigging System

WOW! Over 62 Pounds of Common Carp!


Fishing for Large Carp in Snags & under Trees

Roaming for Carp or Heavy Baiting Methods

How to Catch Carp in Mid-Water

Catching Bigger Carp from the Margins

A NEW & Unusual Carp Angling Tactic!

Tactics for Catching Lots Carp

Spodding Tactics to Attract Large Carp

PVA Bag Tactics to Catch Carp

Stalking Tactics to Catch Large Carp

Fish for Carp Using Method Feeder Tactics

My Basic Carp Fishing Tactic

What Are the Best Carp Rigs to Use?

Fish for Carp in New Lakes

Carp Angling in Thick Weed

How to Fish Silty Waters for Carp

Fishing for Carp in Rivers

Tactics Catching Big CATFISH on Big Rivers


Different carp fishing tips and tricks and tactics to help fishing for carp

Many carp catching tips and tactics to help fishing for big carp

Tips on using PVA to Increase Bait Attraction

Tips on Finding Carp Patrol Areas

Choosing a Swim on a New Lake

Q & A I Cannot Catch Carp!

Ten reasons why you may not be catching big carp

Improving Bite Alarm Indications

Locating Carp using Visual Features

Locating Large Carp in Springtime

Fishing for Large Carp in Early Spring

Why Do Carp Follow The Wind?

Locating the Big Carp in the Summer

Locating the Biggest Carp in Winter time

Locating Most Larger Carp in Autumn season

What Depth Do Carp Prefer to Feed At?

Carp Rod Casting Frequency

How to feel the composition of the lake bed with every cast

Setting up a marker float for feature finding

Feature Finding and how to use marker float

Do we really need to worry about the type of rig used?

Stop Leads Sinking into Silt

Carp Hooks which ones to use and why

Type of Hook Pattern to Use when Fishing

Size of Hooks to Use for Carp Baiting

A test for Hook Sharpness

Leadcore Quick-Change System

Fishing tight lines

Fixed V’s Running rig methods

Using lead safety clips for fixed Carp Fishing rigs

How to Avoid Rig Tangles

The cause of line twisting on reels

Boilie close to hook bend or leave gap?

Do Carp Stop Feeding When it Rains?

How Often Should Pop-ups Be Used?

Various Types of carp rig systems to use

Catching Carp Never Caught Before - Lucky!!

What is the Best Carp Rig System to use

Crayfish problems When Fishing For Carp

Casting to Leaping Carp

How to Set Up Rigs

Creating the Single Hook Bait Fishing Rig

Setting up the Trick Fishing Rig for Catching Large Carp

How to Make the Snake Carp Rigs

Hemp Carp Fishing Rigs in PVA Bags!

Best Hair Rig Length Make Carp Rigs

PVA Bag Tactics to Catch Carp

Interchangeable Carp Rig System

How to PVA Bag a Balanced Pellet Carp Rig

How a Combi Carp Fishing Rig Looks on Silt Bed

How to Make a Chod Fishing Rig

Camouflaging Our End-Tackle

Avoiding a Bad Bait Rig Presentation When Fishing on Silt

Best Way to Present a Bait on Silt Patches When Fishing for Carp

Problems With Using & Setting Up Withy Pool Rig Method

Leadcore Fast Setup System for Helicopter Rig

Leadcore Quick Setup System for Lead Clips

A Quick to Set up System Leadcore Leaders for Running Rigs

Fast System for Setting Up Semi-Fixed Systems Using Leaders


The Weather & Carp Behaviour & Feeding

Nutritional Requirements - Can Carp Assess Goodness in Bait?

Affects of Air Pressure on Feeding Carp

What are the different types of carp

Carp Senses; taste, smell & vision

How Do Carp Swim Through Water?

Carp Reproduction - What do Spawning Carp Eat?

The Digestive Habits of Carp & What it means for Bait

Feeding Changes Carp Spawning Season

Weather Influences on Carp Fishing

Carp & Weed


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