CARP RIG COMPONENTS - Lead Clip onto Leadcore Leaders

How I set up my lead clip carp rigs onto leadcore leaders. The leaders are all pre-tied at home, and there is a choice of colours. To save time & effort I use a quick change system for all my leaders. 

A detailed picture of lead safety clips fixed onto leadcore leaderLead safety clips fixed onto leadcore leader

The photo above shows a carp rig set up using a plastic lead safety clip attached to leadcore. I attach my hook link at point "A". It can be tied or, I prefer to form a loop in the braid, then use a metal clip to link it to the leader. I prefer to clip on my hook links because it enables me to change it and try a different rig at any time during my fishing session. I also cover the clips by using a piece of silicone tubing (not shown in photos), the tubing will be the same colour as the lead clip.



I attach the lead weight to the lead clip at point "B". I place the lead clip rubber on loosely if fishing for carp near snags or weed beds. Doing this will allow the lead weight to drop off quickly when a carp takes the bait, and enables the fish to shoot to the surface of the water for easier control during the play. 

A close up photo of adding lead clipsHow to Thread on Lead Clips Onto Leadcore Leaders

Attaching a lead clip onto leadcore using a bait needle. Repeat the process for the rubber but, remember to slide it on the right way round!

leadcore close upPlacing Rubber Onto Leadcores


A close up photo of the rubber end of the lead clip and the leadcore leader. The rubber must not be a tight fit, it needs to be able to slide down the leadcore fairly easy. This enables the lead clip to work properly, making the weight pull out of the lead clip if the lead weight becomes snagged. 

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