CARP RIG COMPONENTS - Semi-fixed Carp Rig

How I set up my semi-fixed carp rigs onto leadcore. The semi-fixed set up works by initially giving a bolt effect when a carp takes the bait. After a certain amount of force the lead ring will snap off the nodules and freely slide up the mainline.

I organize my leadcore leaders by using a fast change system.


A detailed picture of Semi-fixed carp rig added to leadcore leaderComponents for a Leadcore Semi-fixed rig Set-Up

Semi-fixed rig close up how it worksSemi-fixed setup using Leadcore

Picture showing nodules on semi-fixed rigPicture showing close up shot of nodules on semi-fixed rig

You can push the ring passed the nodules on the rubber, this helps to hold the lead in place up to a certain amount of resistance, after which the rig acts like a running rig


A Helicopter Carp Rig on Leadcore Leader

A Carp Rig with Lead Safety Clip System

A Semi-Fixed Rig on Leadcore Leader

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