My Universal Single Hook Bait Fishing Rig

These days many carp anglers fish with lots of bait present in their swim. If you frequently see others fishing this way, then you may need different tactics to catch out the carp in your local lake. This is when single hook baiting tactics can work very well. 

Single bait methods also have other advantages:

1. Fishing sessions become much cheaper.

2. You don't become tied to any baited area, meaning you can move and follow the fish.

Singles can also be used with different bait presentations. We have selected a few to discuss below.

Images showing single hook bait carp rigsSingle hook bait with boilie & fake maize

The first single bait rig uses a boilie and a fake maize so it looks like a snowman type of rig. This makes the carp rig show up more from a distance. The heavy boilie and the rubber, fake maize presentation work well together in windy conditions. They don't cause the bait to have too much buoyancy, and this helps to keep the bait fixed firmly enough on the bottom. Obviously, a combination of heavier baits will fix it more, but it doesn't want to be so heavy that carp have trouble sucking up the bait off the lake bed.

Another single hookbait tactical fishing rigSingle bait carp fishing rig with boilie & sponge to balance hook bait

When you fish for carp with tons of free bait in the swim, it has the added advantage of attracting the carp into the swim because collectively the smell and vision of the bait is huge. When fishing with singles, you wont get that same advantage, so I prefer to use the single bait rig with some sponge or foam, then the rig can be soaked in a strong smelling glug to increase the attraction. The sponge also gives the bait some buoyancy so the bait goes into the mouth much easier!

Simple carp rig using fake corn hair stop

You can balance the buoyancy of the hook bait with rubber fake bait. Here I used those new corn bait stops!

Photo shows single bait rig blends into bottom lakebedCarp fishing rigs that blend in well with lake bed

Blending in quite well to keep end tackle hidden from approaching carp.

Single hook bait carp rig camouflaged well on gravel bottom

Look how my single hook bait carp rig blends in well when fishing on a gravel bottom!

How to create my single hook bait rig

Common Single Bait Rig Problems

When there's tons of bait present, and fish are feeding very confidently, our fishing rigs don't necessarily need to be the best or most technical in order to hook a big carp. This is because the carp are pre-occupied with feeding and their guard is low. In a case like this, it'll often be just a matter of time before one picks up your rig and WALLOP!

With single hook bait methods you need to make sure the rigs are working more effectively, and thus, the little problems can look like huge signs of danger to the bigger carp!

Picture of rig pinned down on gravel bedPinning the hook link & rig down completely flat on the bottom

Hook link can kink up when lying on lake bed. Try to get all end tackle pinned to the bed!

Adding rig putty to pin down rig & hook link on lake bed

Placing heavy rig putty in the hook link can help pin tackle down.

Image of completed single bait rig on gravelHow a single carp rig should look on the bottom, completely flat pinned down

Look at the difference now, much better presentation of bottom bait!

A single hook bait carp fishing rig presented on gravel bottom

If you're feeling the lead down immediately after casting, then the whole single bait rig should lay down flat on the gravel. This is because you're pulling the line slightly and this keeps the hook link at its full length. Although, once you get that dink from the lead hitting the gravel, you should NOT pull the rig any further. Pulling after the lead hits the gravel could cause a blunt hook point if it dinks on any of the gravel stones!

A single bait fishing rig using sponge to counter weight of the hook

How to create my single hook bait rig

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