Heavy Weighted Pop Up Carp Rig

Here is another version on a pop up rig. It has been weighted down with a shot so it can be used for carp fishing in windy conditions. The weight holds the rig and bait in place if there is a slightly stronger undercurrent. 

This fishing rig is probably best used in clear areas of the swim. The weighted pop up can cause the rig to drop the hook point into surrounding chod or weed very easily. In clear, smooth silt, the weighted down carp rig present a bait well, while leaving the hook and end tackle hidden in silt particles.  

image of weighted down rig pop-upPop-up boilie rig over-weighted down on silt


The shot weight also has the added advantage of making the hook point drop down quickly once a fish takes the bait. This creates a more aggressive hooking hold from this carp rig.  


Top view of weighted pop-up rig on silt beds

Notice the angle at which the shrink tube leaves the hook from the eye?

This causes the long-shank hook to turn very quickly and thus, aiding a fast hooking potential.

illustrates how weight pulls pop-up down into siltThe lead shot pulls the pop up boilie down just enough for hook to sit in the silt


The weight of the shot and hook together help pin the fishing rig to the silt bed. 

Making the heavy pop-up carp rigs

I generally use a longer hairs for the heavy weight pop up rigs. This allows room to try out different pop up baits, as well as room to put on the required shot weight. I often use different pop ups with varying buoyancies when fishing for carp using this rig. Some pop ups are less buoyant than others, and sometimes I don't need to use a shot at all, the weight of the hook alone can give a very good pop up bait presentation using this rig. 

Shows how rig looks on gravel bedTest the heavy pop-up fishing rig works properly before casting out

The weight from the shot helps to pin the carp rig to the gravel bar even in strong wind.

Overview of heavy weighted pop up rig on gravel

An overhead view of the heavy weighted pop up carp rig. An effective fishing rig for catching huge carp in windy conditions!

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