CARP RIG COMPONENTS - Running Carp Rig Leadcore Set Up

How I set up my free running carp rigs using the quick-change leadcore leader system. I like to use free running carp rigs during the colder, winter months. In the colder weather carp tend to move much slower and running rigs are more sensitive which can help to detect small takes. 


A detailed picture of running rig fixed onto leadcoreA Running Rig fixed onto Leadcore Leader

I use a rubber bead in between the leader knot and lead stop. When the bead hits the leader knot it causes a slight jolt as the bead catches a slight resistance from the knot, this causes a short bolt effect and helps to set the hook in carps mouth. I do however, always make sure that the rubber bead does pass over the knot that connects the mainline to the leader, it just takes a little extra push than normal.  


A close up of running rig systemClose up Showing a Basic Running Rig System

A close up photo of my basic running rig set up.


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