The Drop Point Fishing Rig

This is a carp rig I created from a common pop-up rig - one with a stiff boom and a hook link section of a few inches in length. Normally a bead weight or rig putty pulls the pop-up bait down so it is popping up about 2-3 inches off the bottom. The drop point carp rig works the same way but, you use a bottom bait instead of a pop-up boilie. 

I believed that this carp fishing rig works well because the weight of the bead pulls the hook point back down as a carp picks up the boilie, thus it drives the point into the flesh for faster hooking potential. This is why I called this carp rig the "drop point rig".

Image of drop point rig in waterDrop Hook point simple carp fishing rig

The drop point rig presented on a silt patch. This advanced carp fishing rig would probably work best on silt or gravel. In weed or chod, the weight of the bead could potentially pull the hook point into weed or loose debris. 

Photos of rig on silt then on gravelIdeal simple carp rig for fishing on clear or silt bed
This heavy fishing rig will hold on the lake bed securely in very windy conditions

The added advantage of the drop point rig is that it will always be pinned down on the bottom. Plus, the hook bait can't be move easily by other nuisance fish or if there's a strong undercurrent. 

An overview of the simple Drop Hook point fishing rig


Shows how drop-point rig is createdHow this simple carp fishing rig is created

Shrink tubing is placed over the eye of the hook and is extended at a slight angle down towards the bead. This allows the hook to turn quickly for better hooking potential. There's a big gap from the hook point to the end of the shrink tube by the bead. This gives plenty of room for catching a hold in the flesh once the hook has turned.  

Picture shows how to change buoyancy of drop point rigChanging the buoyancy of the hook bait for a different effect in presentation

In the photo above I change the heavy bottom bait for a pop-up boilie with less buoyancy than normal pop-ups. This gives a different bait presentation to vary this carp rig's ability. Look at the photos below for more detail. 

How the Drop point fishing rig looks in water with a pop-up bait

I sometimes use this carp rig with pop-up boilies of varying buoyancy in order to test new ways to present a bait. In the photo above, I have used a medium buoyant pop-up boilie, and this raises the hook but not enough to lift it completely off the bottom. This means the boilie will enter a carp's mouth easier and the weight of the bead will still drive the point into the flesh as the fish lifts up.

A close up of the simple carp rig with a pop up boilie attached
"A new version of a simple fishing rig to catch carp

This drop point carp fishing rig has only just been made up by myself, so it hasn't caught me any carp yet. However, I do believe it will work well, especially on waters where the carp are tricky to catch, or if the fish regularly test, or sample the bait before eating it. 

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