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Hi, I've got a local water that contains big carp in it but no one fish's there. Can you help me with what bait to use and the rigs, or any other advice you can help me with?


Personally, I think the most important thing to get right is location, after all, no one fishes the lake, so the carp will probably take almost any bait and shouldn't be too wise to rigs either. Take your time to locate the carp and preferably without them seeing you so be quiet and try to hide behind trees, etc. Also, if you're not too much in a hurry get them feeding first. This always pays off extremely well most times.

For bait, try the basics first, bread, sweetcorn, luncheon meat, maggots. Boilies will work well too, but they need to be good quality. Although, you want a bait that stays on the hair well if you need to cast far. These are not wise fish, if not many anglers fish there, so the basics are more important I think, and especially avoiding basic problems such as rig tangles, bait off hook, blunt hooks, wrong location, spooking fish, etc. 


For rigs, just keep them simple. Maybe basic rigs tied to eliminate tangles more than for tricking the carp.

Although, do try to keep rig components covered up as much as possible, by using matching colours lake beds. Also, stick to the basic principles to begin with - inline lead set ups on harder bottom, lead clip or helicopters on softer beds and in silt.

If you're aware of fish in the swim , and especially if they're feeding, then try different fishing methods on each rod until you find what works. Adjusting the hooklink length and material may also be good things to change first if not getting takes.

Get the basics right and you should do ok there mate!

I wish you all the best luck mate...


Carp Fishing Tactics team!

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