Why Use Quality Bait When Fishing For Carp?

With the explosion of carp fishing in the UK there are now many lakes that are jammed full of carp anglers. This means there are large amounts of different baits going into the same lake at regular periods. As a result, carp now have a huge choice as to what they prefer to eat. It is inevitable that once carp have tried a little of everything on offer, they will naturally select the best bait available. They will often choose a food source that is fresh, tastes good and provides them with complete nourishment. For the carp angler who chooses the cheap bait, badly prepared particles, over-flavoured home-made or poor shelf-life boilies, will only have himself to blame if he doesn't catch many carp, or blanks regularly. 

Do Cheap Boilies Catch Carp?

picture of carp capture using quality baitsCatching Twenty pound carp using quality baits

Cheap boilies can and do catch carp, but quality, fresh baits will always outperform them. Just because a bait on the shelf smells good to us, it doesn’t mean it will taste good to carp. Carp are attracted to any potential food source, but if the taste is poor they will be less inclined to seek out that source again, unless there is a food shortage. Always use quality bait!

The Case for Using Quality Carp Bait

If you have a choice, I believe it’s best to choose a bait which tastes good and is full of nourishment, over a bait that has a strong attraction. Yes, carp will generally find the attractor baits first, but if they are over-flavoured or they have any bitter aftertaste, then it may stop carp eating more, and this will drastically lower your chances of a catch. You need to get carp busy on your bait, and this means giving them food they want to eat. After a while they will eventually get to the hook bait!

Gain Confidence Through The Right Bait

If you are using good quality bait then you can fish with full confidence, knowing that carp will love the bait you’re using. This means you can focus more on choosing the right location and/or the best rigs as well as the correct fishing tactics suited to your chosen swim. Having the confidence in your bait gives you the chance to eliminate other possible problems if you don’t catch. Using bait that you know carp love to eat means the problem is NOT the bait if ever you’re not catching carp!

You can then turn your attention to other factors like rigs or fishing tactics.

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