Critically Balanced Rubber Pellet Carp Rig

This carp rig is very versatile it can be used for single bait tactics, in heavy baited areas, or in PVA bag presentations. The rubber pellet is already buoyant so it just takes the correct weight combination of hook and shot to balance this carp rig correctly. 

A balanced rig is more effective than a standard hooked bait because the carp doesn't have to pick up the extra weight of a heavy hook. A critically balanced pellet rig will be the first thing to shoot into a carps mouth as it sucks along the bottom.

Image of rubber pellet for rig baitsCritically balancing rubber pellet carp rig

How to Critically Balance the Pellet Carp Rig

You can use lead putty to balance the pellet rig. I prefer to use a lead shot as I think it looks better. Also, if you think the pellet is still popping up that tiny bit too much, you can use the shot as a bait stop and remove the plastic stop. This will lower the top of pellet to make it act more like any other surrounding pellets spodded out in the area. Just make sure you have a shorter hair so the hook weight holds the bottom end of the pellet down as well. Also, make sure the non-toxic lead shot is held securely in place by squashing it tightly inside the hair loop.

Image shows creation rubber pellet rig systemHow to create the rubber pellet rig system

The pellet rig in the picture above shows how it looks before balancing. I use a rubber pellet with a longer than normal hair. This was created to suit a certain fishing situation, the hair may work best if shorter than shown. I used a size 8 long-shank hook and tied a knotless knot using snakeskin material.  I used lead putty to help sink the braid, and to help pull the hook point back downwards when in a carps mouth in order to prick the bottom lip faster

Image of underwater rig systemHow the carp rig looks in action under water

The picture above shows the balanced pellet carp rig tested in water. It sticks up slightly at the top and so, may be a better presentation in soft silt. The silt will help to hide the hook and shot, and bring the pellet closer to the bottom, yet still giving it plenty of visibility for any passing carp. 

How it looks underwater and on gravelUnderwater view of rubber pellet carp rig


If you don't like a shot visible you can always colour it to suit the bait using special permanent marker pens. 

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