Withy Pool Presentation Problems

The tightly coiled withy rig may seem as though it would go into a carp's mouth easier due to the smaller size, but it doesn't seem to turn as effectively as a loosely coiled withy fishing rig. Have a look at the different types of withy pool rigs below to see which type you think would work best for catching big carp. If you have any questions, ideas or if you've experienced any problems with the withy rigs shown here, please feel free to send us a message CLICK HERE!.

Pictures of withy pool rig problems caused when fishingWithy pool problem of less gape due to a tighter shrink tube coil

A tightly coiled rig tubing doesn't seem to turn very well when palm testing the rig for its hooking ability.

Too long shrink tube on withy pool rig can cause problems

Longer tubing that protrudes past the hook bend also seems to have poor hooking ability!

A loose coil on shrink tube will give withy pool much better hooking potential

Loose tube coils seem to turn and hook much better according to our experiments!

See how to make the best withy pool fishing rig from our experiments!

Potential Problems Using Withy Pool Rigs With Pop-Ups

Image shows how withy rig can kink up bad presentationProblems using pop-ups with a withy pool fishing rig

Not very buoyant pop-up boilie may cause this problem!

Picture shows silt presentationPop ups on a withy pool carp rig silt presentation

With a little manipulation, the withy pool pop-up sits correctly in silt. However, we cannot trust it'll land like this when casting out in a fishing situation!

A very buoyant pop-up used with withy pool rigs works a little better

The best way is to use a very buoyant pop-up boilie for the withy pool rig to sit better on the bottom. But, I personally don't like to use a withy style of carp rig with pop-ups. 

Close up picture of withy pool rig with pop ups attached

It looks ok here, but, will it lay on the lake bed in this way?

Photo shows size of bait used withy pool rigUsing a heavy boilie with withy pool carp fishing rigs seems best


I prefer to use big bottom boilies when using a withy pool carp fishing rig. Although, I always use a withy setup with a hair rig, rather than with a rig ring on the shank, as is shown in the photo above. 

Click here to see how I prefer to create the withy pool fishing rig

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