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Milton pool Carp 18 Pounds  Milton Carp 16 Pounds ten ounces  Common carp at 24 Pounds Lichfield

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Bradley's Mirror Carp 17 Pounds   Bradley Lake Twenty Four   Mirror Carp 12 pounds

Carp from Bradley's lake 14 & half   Hardwick's Smith lake Twenty three pounds   Oxford linear Oxlease lake 16 Pounds caught on the Fake Weed Rig

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Original common carp from Poolhall fisheries   Another original double-figured common strain of carp from UK water   A brace of commons from Poolhall Carp fishery

Brace of common carps from Poolhall's runs water    A double grass carp with great fighting ability    A catfish which fought for ages

Oxford linear Oxlease lake 15 Pounds mirror carp    Barston's common 18 pounds    Beautiful Ghost carp caught at Barston Lakes

A double-figured common carp   A Milton Lakes Upper Twenty pounder!   A Bradley's lake big tench

Milton Common Carp 26-14  Macs Big 32 half Mirror Carp  Daz 26 half RMC Carp

Smith 35 Pound Common Carp - NICE!!  A Milton Common Carp for Mac!  85 Pounds of Catfish Prime Fighting Muscle

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Picture carp caught by friend Louise 22lbs  Small Common Carp 14lbs  Picture Two-Tone carp at 28lbs Lichfield

Picture carp RMC Twenty one  Picture Milton Pools carp 18lbs  Linear Carp 22-2 Pounds

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Milton carp 24 Pounds  Miltons big common carp 27 nearly  Picture of 23 lbs Miltons carp

Linear Carp 21 Pounds  Linear 18 Pounds  Linear 17-five Pounds

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Photo of Huge Carp  Click the pic to see bigger carp photos  Mirror Carp Over 20 Pounds

Smaller 20 Pounder carp  Click to see big carp photo!  Big 20 Pound Common Carp  32 and half pounds Larford Common Carp



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