Adjusting the Buoyancy of the Hemp Rig

Adding the sponge to the hemp rig to increase its buoyancy. 

Or can add shot / putty to drop end of hemp rig down further. 

Image of components for buoyancy rigsLoop & sponge for increasing buoyancy in water


The idea of having a small loop at the front of the hair is to gain complete control of how the hemp rig behaves in the water; such as how fast the rig sinks and how its pivots and lays on the bottom. 

View the Complex Hempseed Fishing Rig!

Image sponge into hair rig loopPlacing sponge in loop of hair on carp rig

It's not east to insert a small piece of sponge into a small loop, with a bit of fiddling it can be worked in.

Trimmed sponge imageSponge ready for trimming


Always add more sponge than required, then you can trim it down until it behaves exactly how you want it to. 


Image showing a decrease in buoyancyTrim the sponge to decrease buoyancy

Trim the sponge a bit at a time.

Photo og hair rig end ready for attractionCarp rig hair ready for adding liquid oils

Adding sponge to the front loop of the hemp rig increases its buoyancy and will alter how it pivots in the water. If the fake hemp alone causes the front of the hemp rig to pivot too far you can squash on a small shot in the loop. this will drop the front down.   

Our Complete Critically Balance Hemp Fishing Rig is Shown in More Detail Here!

Image of flavours and attractantsChoose which flavours you wish to add to attract big carp

Don't forget to add a flavour to help attract those huge carp!

Good Luck!

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