PVA Bagging the Pellet Carp Rig

Here is a sequence of photos showing how I PVA bag this carp rig. They also show how it look in water. 

Photo of pellet rig inserted into PVA bagsInserting the pellet rig into PVA bag

I use a medium sized PVA bag for this set up. I place some rig foam onto the point of the hook to protect the point before placing the hook pellet in the bag.


Image shows pellets in PVa bags for Casting OutCarp rig & pellets in PVA bag ready for casting

I fill the PVA bag up with pellets over 12mm. I try to keep the hook pellet within the middle part of the bag so, when the bag melts the hook pellet sits at the top of the pile and is surrounded by free pellets. This helps to disguise the hook and hook link. 

Image of melted pellets on lake bottomUnderwater view of Carp pellet rig with PVA

When the PVA bag melts the hook pellet sits proud in the middle of a tasty looking pile of pellets, just the job to tempt a big fat carp!


Photo of melted bags overhead viewOverhead view of a correctly balanced pellet rig

A bird's eye view of the melted bag of pellets. You can see the critically balanced pellet rig nicely presented in the middle. 

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