Monofilament to Mono Combi Fishing Rig

The majority of combination carp rigs tend to be made from monofilament line tied to a braid material. However, you can have a combi carp fishing rig which has monofilament joined to another mono fishing line, or even 2 fluorocarbon lines. 

These types of combi-rigs can be practical if you require a very stiff section for the anti-tangle properties, but you require a thin mono line for the hook section for a pop up bait. The thin mono fishing line helps the rig become less visible when using a buoyant pop up bait. 

Photos show numerous mono-monofilament line carp rigsMonofilament to mono line combi-rig for carp fishing

How the combi carp rig looks underwater. The hook link section of the rig is a little longer than I normally use. It is easy to create a combi rig with a shorter monofilament hook link, this will result in the pop up bait settling closer to the gravel for a more natural pop up bait presentation. Here, we have shown the combi rig on gravel, however, I don't normally fish for carp with pop ups on gravel, unless it's on a small patch in between weed!

How to balance a combi-rig using mono line for carp fishing

At point "A" in the picture above, I have placed rig putty on the combination-rig knot where the 2 monofilament fishing lines are joined. This weighs down the pop up bait until it is critically balanced, this is when the putty slowly sinks and just touches the lake bed. The idea for critically balancing this combi rig is so the whole rig flies into the back of the mouth when a carp sucks at the bait, and this makes it easier for the rig to catch a hold. The double stiffness of the 2 mono fishing lines also make it difficult for the carp to eject the rig.

Picture showing how to balance the rig using putty on the knot

Placing rig putty on the knot where the 2 mono lines are joined. This helps cover the knot and its tag end so there's less chance of any tangles during the cast. It also stops the putty from sliding down the line at any time. 

How the rig looks in water when balanced with rig putty

To critically balance the rig, the putty should be heavy enough to sink to the bottom, but you want it to sink very slowly until the putty just bobs on the lake bed. 

photo shows close up shot critically balanced rig in waterClose up of the critically balanced combination carp rig in water


The photos above and below are close up shots of the combi carp fishing rig presented in water.

Using thin monofilament fishing line to hide the presence of a fishing rig in water

Using thin monofilament line on a combi rig. The thinner fishing line is less visible!

These combi rigs can be made using fluorocarbon fishing line for better presentation of pop ups.

A mono pop-up fishing rig using a D-type ring for bait attachments

Here you can change the end section of the carp combi-rig to use a different form of pop up presentation. Here we show a D-type pop up rig using a rig ring to tie the bait, rather than the claw type pop up presentation that was shown in the photos above.

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