Pro's & Cons of Attractor Baits


Photo showing carp capture from Highly visible hookbaitHigh Visability Baits Can Sometimes Catch Out the Bigger Fish!

There are so many types of bait available on the market these days that it can be a difficult choice of what bait to use when fishing for carp. There are quite a few general types to choose from such as; fish meals, high nutritional value baits, high visibility and high attraction bait. Here we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of using the high visibility / attraction boilies when fishing for carp. 

  • Can attract carp from further away
  • Can be the first bait to be tested by carp leading to quicker captures
  • Ability to cast freely in different areas without being tied to baited patches
  • The scent or colour alone can attract without having to use tons of free bait
  • Can save money from cutting down on the use of free offerings
  • Useful for single hook bait tactics which can be good if time is short
  • Much easier to use if roaming from one swim to another



  • Fish may spook off brightly coloured/strong smelling baits
  • Attraction levels may reduce quickly so may need to change bait & cast frequently during the night
  • Could attract too many nuisance fish from other areas before the carp
  • Don’t allow for much competitive feeding which accounts for many takes these days
  • Lack of competitive feeding means the carp rigs used need to have greater hooking potential
  • If carp feed more cautiously and hook doesn't set well enough then it could result in more hook pulls 

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