Critically Balanced pellet Rig For Use in PVA Bags

This carp rig was designed only to be used in PVA bags as the pellet pops up a little too far for scattered beds, or single bait presentations. I also like to use this carp rig in a PVA method stick mix as the protruding pellet sticks out from the end of the method mix but, it doesn't look suspicious to feeding carp. This means carp see the hook pellet immediately. 

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Photo of Balanced fishing rigs completedDetailed view of pellet carp rig

In the picture above I used a rubber fake pellet to create this carp rig. I made this specifically to go in PVA bags full of large and medium pellet. It will present itself so the hook pellet is situated at the top of the pile of pellets when the PVA bag melts (SEE HOW THIS PELLET RIG LOOKS IN WATER HERE!!!!!). 

I have also created this pellet rig using real pellets, although for that one, I prefer to place 2 smaller pieces of sponge either side of the pellet, then trim to balance the rig. I find this makes the pellet sit on its side, and makes it look similar to the free pellets spodded around the area. 

Image of setting up balanced bait rigTrim rig sponge until balances hook bait

Trim the sponge little bits at a time until you get the buoyancy you require for the situation you're fishing in. Once the pellet rig is balanced correctly you can soak the sponge in a liquid attractant. 

Image of how rig will sit incorrectlyThe carp rig is not quite balancing correctly under water

Not quite balanced yet. As you can see there is not much sponge left to trim, so I placed some heavy putty on the hair to compensate and bring the pellet down towards the hook. As you can see in the picture below. 

Image of how it looks when buoyancy is just rightPellet carp rig with good buoyancy


I like to use an oil based liquid. If these carp rigs have been prepared at home then I'll get chance to soak them for longer. If made up on the bank I'll use a syringe to add flavours and liquids. 

See how this PVA Critically Balanced Pellet Rig looks in water when bag has melted!

Image of how to add an attraction to rigsAdd liquid attractant to sponge on carp rig



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