Secret Pop Up Carp Fishing Rig

This pop-up presentation was invented by Martin Clark, he calls it his secret snake rig. Although, I do prefer to call it the "Z" carp fishing rig because it sits on the bottom in a position that looks like a letter Z which has turned on its side.

The snake rig is a complex carp rig design that is best suited to fishing for carp in weedy waters. However, due to the complexity of this rig, I have found it best to present it close to a weed bed, rather than IN weed itself, or amongst the small clear patches in between weed beds. It will not look out of place amongst clear patches of weed, but on gravel bars, or in very clear areas this fishing rig will stand out like a sore thumb!

Best way set pop-up snake rigThis rig folds in on itself and acts like a snake ready to pounce!

The rig set up works on the principle that the hook link can increase its length. If a carp sucks at the bait, it will extend to three times its folded length. The hook bait is set by a counter-balanced weight using wire from leadcore leader. This secret rig system provides potential for more carp runs and improved hook holds. 

In Martin Clark's book (strictly carp) he describes how to construct his snake rig creation. He did keep these carp rigs as a secret for years, well done Martin, for creating such a brilliantly, but complicated carp rig!

I normally believe in keeping most carp rigs simple and uncomplicated, but sometimes we need something different to help fool thee wiser, bigger carp. A complex carp rig, like the snake set up, can really help to catch them out. Again, well done Martin for revealing your secret carp fishing rigs for us all to use!

The Snake Carp Fishing Rig in Detail

Images of secret Z snake rigThe snake rig can also rotate and twist around so it doesn't matter which angle a carp approaches the bait.

The snake rig will rotate and can also twist. This means a big carp can approach the rig from any angle and when sucked, the hookbait will twist around and flow into the mouth.

Image of secret rig in detail and actionClose up of how to balance the pop up

Can use  putty on wire to fine-tune the balance. 


Close up of the lead wiring

A close up of the coiled wire used to counterbalance the snake rig. Once it is the correct weight and balanced right, you can shrink tube over the lead wire so there's less chance of the braid catching it and causing a tangle.

The Snake rig in water and workingThe snake rig balanced using wire

Use like this to cause the pop-up hook bait to push away from the higher pop-up. 

Image shows buoyancy of the secret rigCounterbalancing the carp rigs buoyancy

You can fine-tune the counterbalance using putty over the wire coils. This means you can adjust the height of the hook by adding more, or less putty. Although, I do prefer to position the hook bait just under the big pop-up bait.

The Z rig can twist around

Using 2 different baits allows this carp rig to become more visible to any passing carp in swim. With supple braid as a hook link, it will fold in a way that the hook bait and hook will hide underneath the bigger boilie. I have used slightly stiffer material which helps hold the hook away from the bigger pop-up bait. Martin also claims that he uses small pieces of rig foam on the hook, and sometimes he has used NO bait on the hook and still caught big carp with this secret rig!

Increasing the length of carp rigs

You can use varying lengths of the snake rig. I prefer to use the long ones in weed beds.


Photo of Z rig looks on gravel bottomA buoyant snake rig on gravel in water


2 baits for increased visibility!

Overview of the Z carp rig in water

An overview of the secret snake rig in action.  


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