The Spinning Hook Fishing Rig

This is a very effective, but simple rig for catching carp. I call it the "spinning hook rig" and it's been around for many years. There are also a few different versions of it. It looks such a simple carp rig but, it can be highly effective for hooking into carp. Maybe because it's so simple, and basic, that this is the reason many carp anglers don't use it! 

I like to use it on clear bottom lakes as the looseness of the hook can cause it to snag on almost anything. I have shown the rig in gravel and silt below, although, I don't really use it over gravel bars as I feel the point of the hook can become blunted on small, loose stones. I much prefer to use it on clear silt areas, but in this case I would colour the hook link and and tackle to match the bottom.

Images showing spinning hook rig in actionOverhead view of simple spinning hook rig on gravel- notice the wide gape effect from line to point?

A really simple carp fishing rig that has very good hooking potential, and as a result, can easily catch out the shy carp!

Notice the wide gape effect of this rig. The distance from the hook point to the link material is wide, and this allows greater hooking potential when a fish takes it into the mouth. Plus, as a carp blows the bait out of its mouth, the hook spins and drops easily, then it turns down allowing the point to hit the flesh of the bottom lip. 

The hook spins loosely and rests on the gravel
Image shows hook is free to catch flesh of carpThe loose hook alows it to drop easily when a carp takes whole rig in mouth = effective hooking potential
The simple spin hook rig presented on silt beds

How the spinning hook carp rig looks on top of silt. It is probably best to present this fishing rig on silt, or places where the point has less chance of catching debris or vegetation. 

Images show spin rig presentation on silt bedsClose up view of a simple fishing rig on silt bed
Image shows good hooking potential carp rigGood hooking potential from a simple carp fishing rig

How to Make the Spinning Hook Fishing Rig

Pictures on how to create the spinning rigCreating the simple spin hook fishing rig

You need to use a very strong piece for the bait stop as the pressure from the fish will drive into the boilie. I use a steel rig component tied on with a strong knot and super glued in place so it doesn't slip. The hook link material used in the example above is snakeskin but, it hasn't been striped of its plastic coating. 

Making a simple hook spin fishing rig quickly

The hook needs to be one with an out-turned eye for the spinning hook fishing rig to work effectively, here I used a size 8 hook. 

Make it with longer hook link & out-turned hook eye
Make sure the hook has plenty of movement so it can drop quickly

There needs to be a rig stop placed about 10mm from the boilie. This stops the hook from travelling up the hook link material, plus, it gives the hook more freedom to spin easily enabling the hook to drop down and catch a hold in flesh. The rig stop can also be adjusted for more, or less freedom. 

Shows how to test rig effective when fishingTest the effectiveness of the simple spinning rig before fishing for carp

Test the spinning hook to make sure it works well. 

Before casting out this simple carp fishing rig, it may be best to place PVA foam around the hook point. With the ease at which this rig can catch a hold, it's often best to mask the point for each cast.

Don't forget to change the colours to suit the bottom you're fishing on!


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