Combi Carp Rig Presentation in Water

Many forms of combi rigs can present a bait very well, however during our experiments, we found that a few problems can arise when using certain combination of rig materials and presented on certain lake beds. 

Combination fishing rigs on silt can be an effective bait presentation, but you must use the correct material to disguise the lines. We found that fluorocarbon fishing lines DO NOT look invisible on silt, especially in bright sunlight! 

Picture shows Combi-rig using bright baitsA combination fishing rig under water with bright bait boilies

How the combi carp rig looks in water and on silt. 

Combination fishing rigs on silt beds

Black amnesia hidden well on silt, even on a bright day. 

Image shows fluoro line still visible in certain conditionsFluorocarbon fishing line can still be visible on silt, especially in sunlight
Overview of how well a bright boilie combi-rig shows up on silt

An overhead view of the combi carp rig in silt. A bright coloured bait really shows up well on silt. Good visible boilies may be needed in order to draw in any passing fish. Yes, some carp may spook off bright bait, but this is generally when there's a large mass on the bottom. A single boilie, or even a couple of brightly coloured boilies, won't spook the majority of carp because it's this situation they have learned to associate as safe. When an angler packs up, the bait he threw in will usually disappear gradually until there are only a few scatterings of boilies left in the swim. When a carp feeds on these few baits, it hardly ever gets caught because the angler has gone. The only exception to this is if another anglers jumps straight into the swim after him. 

How boilie baits look on silt beds

In the dark water, the fluorocarbon line is less visible, as is shown in the picture above, but what if the carp can still see it close up?

I don't think we should take that risk, do you? I always use black amnesia.

Photo of various lengths of combi-rig presentationsDifferent lengths of combi rig links


Here are a couple of combination carp rigs that I pre-tied ready for my next carp fishing session. I keep these in my rig pouch ready to put out as soon as I arrive in the swim. Using different combi-rigs to catch carp

Image how rigs look silty water bottomHow a carp fishing rig looks on silty lake bottom

The silt can really help cover up parts of the end tackle, although, remember to use the correct colour for the braid link or it will show up clearly in silt, like in the photo above!

Carp fishing rigs on silt at night and in dark conditions
Close up of a combi rig in daylight conditions
Overhead views of a combi-rig on silt for carp fishing

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