Withy Pool Rig for Bottom Baits

There are 2 basic ways to make a withy pool rig, the first one uses a rig ring that can slide along the shank of the hook. The second uses a hair rig that is attached to the shank using a small piece of silicon tubing. For me, the best way to create the withy pool carp rig is the second one in the photo below, one that uses the silicon tube. I have found this way allows a bottom bait to rest and present much better on the bed when using this type of rig setup. 

Pictures showing the various types of withy poll rig in actionCreating different types of withy pool fishing rigs

The rig ring setup, causes the boilie to sit too close to the shank, this sometimes pulls the hook into a different angle and it may cause the tubing to spring up off the bottom giving a bad bait presentation.  You can see how it affects the presentation of a bottom bait in the photo below.  

Image of bad withy rig presentationA bad withy pool rig presentation
Photo of withy rig presented on gravelThe withy pool carp rig presented on gravel may land badly
Another withy pool carp fishing rig with hair rig boilie attachment

The hair rigged version of the withy pool gives the boilie space to fall away from the hook shank. This lets the hook and tubing fall as they should for a much better bottom boilie presentation. The whole fishing rig now lies flat on the bottom.

The hair rig helps the withy rig easily fall flat on the bottom of the lake
How the withy rig looks on silt bed
Image shows how to improve withy rig hooking potentialWithy pool rigs made with loose coil shrink tubing for good hook turns


Palm Testing the Withy Pool rigs Hooking Ability

The photos below show how I test the hooking efficiency of the withy rig on the palm of my hand. I have found through experience that a loose coil of the shrink tubing helps the hook turn and grab a hold much faster than a tight coil withy rig. I have seen numerous ways to create the withy pool rig, but although they may look good, I think some set ups wont have very efficient hooking capabilities. Check out different styles of Withy Pool Carp Rigs Here

Some people believe that a tight coil is needed so the whole section can fit into a carp's mouth. However, I believe that it's only the first, hook end section that will enter the mouth, and this will be sufficient for hooking the fish. It doesn't matter if a carp approaches from a different direction, the bait and hook will turn and still enter the mouth correctly simple because the withy has a good ability to turn quickly. 

Few pictures showing hook turning test of withy rigTesting how the withy pool rig turns for hooking efficiency
Does the withy pool rig hook well to catch carp
Withy pool rigs can catch carp if set up correctly!

*** Obviously, palm test the withy rig carefully, don't pull too hard or you'll prick your hand!!!! ***

Look at other ways to make the withy pool carp rig click the link below!!

Other potential problems with Withy Pool Carp Rigs

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