The Neutral Buoyant Snowman Fishing Rig

This is one of my favourite combination carp fishing rigs, I call it the "neutral buoyancy snowman rig". It is made buoyant enough so the hook lays flat on the bottom but, the boilies are just popping up to give good visibility for carp to see the bait. 

The photos below shows how the snowman rig looks on a silt bed. I do prefer to present this fishing rig on silt because the neutral buoyancy allows the bait to sit nicely on top, and the dark hook is disguised well. 

The neutral buoyancy cancels out the weight of the hook, now the bait acts in the same manner as all the other free boiles scattered around the hook bait. It's NOT critically balanced as this may make it too buoyant. You don't want to see the hook just bobbing off the bottom, you want the hook to be pinned down through its own weight but, you want the boilies to move at the same rate as a normal boilie. You can check for the correct buoyancy by testing the rig in a bait box full of water with a free boilie next to it. When you swish the water, watch to see if the rig bait moves similar to the free boilie. 

Images showing snowman rigs in detailsNeutral buoyancy snowman fishing rig in silt

I create the best neutral buoyancy by cutting little bits off the bottom boilie until it sinks slowly. I think the bottom bait is best to adjust as it lays under the pop up. This means the pop up remains intact rather than having bit chopped out of the pop up boilie. 


Showing snowman rig presentation on silt bedsTop view of snowman carp rig on silt bed

From an overhead view of the snowman rig, you can see that both boilies still look completely round and untouched. The great tactic in using this fishing rig is you can control the buoyancy very quickly and easily. By chopping more off the bottom bait the rig will pop up even more off the bottom, or by replacing a new bottom bait, you can make it drop down harder. This last tactic may be best if the wind picks up and you want the rig to be more stable on the bottom. 

Use a small pop-up on top of bottom boilie to create neutral buoyancy of the fishing rigs

How the snowman fishing rig lays on top of silt. Very soft silt may help cover the end tackle even further. However, be aware that fishing with this rig on very soft silt may require a lighter lead. This will help stop the stiff section of the combi link from pulling down partly into the silt and ruining the presentation of the fishing rig. You may get away with this potential problem by not using a combi style rig or by using a longer hook link.

Image shows how neutral buoyant snowman sits well on siltNeutral buoyancy snowman fishing rigs lay gently on silt so clearly visible to carp!

The Neutral Buoyancy Snowman Fishing Rig on Gravel

Pictures of snowman rigs on gravel presentationsSnowman carp fishing rigs presented on gravel bars


This snowman fishing rig can be presented on gravel bars, but you must change the colour of the materials to suit the bottom. I only used black shrink tubing in order to illustrate the rig clearly!

The buoyancy of the snowman rigs allow it to land slowly on gravel bars

For this snowman combi rig, I used super silk for the braid section. I like to use super silk for most of my combi fishing rigs because I can colour it with permanent pens in order to suit whatever bed I happen to be fishing on. 

Snowman carp rig with buoyant boilies so it goes into mouth easier

For this snowman rig I used a size 8 Fox long shank hook.

Overhead views of snowman rig presented on gravel

An overhead view of the snowman fishing rig presented on gravel.  Don't forget to change the colours to suit the bottom!

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