Place Bait Close to the Hook Bend or Leave a Gap?

Image shows another big double caught with hookbaitsChanging hookbait length from the hair can create some surprises!

This is a question that I have heard come up many times in my 20 years of carp fishing. I really do not know for certain whether it is best to place boilies close to hook bend, I really think it may depend on the way carp are feeding in the swim. 

I have seen Frank Warwick catch numerous big carp with the bait close to the hook bend on his rigs. But, I also know of other successful anglers that never do this. Some believe a boilie too close to the bend of the hook won’t allow the hook to drop and turn effectively so the point can find a hold in the flesh. I believe this is a valid point, especially for the type of carp fishing rigs I use. 

Some anglers believe that when fish are feeding more cautiously it is best to have a short hair rig so the point is closer to the bait. I do sometimes believe that this may be the cause of lost fish when they pull out. The hook may not be able to always set deep enough into the flesh for a secure hook hold. Instead it may be caught lightly in the side of the lip. For most of my carp fishing rigs I have a little clearance so the hook can turn effectively when I test it on the palm of my hand.


Like all methods for carp fishing, it’s best to test and try these ideas for yourself. Every specific fishing situation may require a slight change in the minute details before you start banking more big carp!

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