PVA Bagging Hemp Particles & the Hemp Rig

How to PVA bag the critically balanced hemp rig with real hemp seed in the bag - Yes you can do this without the PVA melting!!

The secret - Use Icing sugar!

Image of icing sugarHemp covered in Icing sugar wont melt PVA

Covering moist particles with icing sugar seals in the moisture and enables you to put them into PVA bags without the bag melting. This means you can achieve some very nice presentation of rigs and bait using this carp fishing tactic. 

Another way to put hemp, or other wet particles, into PVA bags is to cover them in some type of groundbait in order to soak up the moisture. This can be a good idea as it adds extra scent to the bait, and as the bits of groundbait come off the bait they float upwards giving off steady cloud of food and scent that can really attract any passing carp in the area. Additionally, if the bait is completely covered it wont make the PVA bag go soft like it does when using icing sugar. The only downside to doing this is that there are loose pieces of flake and bits that can catch on the point of the hook, for this reason it pays to place a tiny bit of rig foam before putting the carp rig into the bag.  

How to PVA Bag Hemp or Other Water-based Particles

Photo of mixing Icing Sugar with hempWorking Icing sugar thoroughly into particle baits

Mix the icing sugar into the bait thoroughly. The sugar seals in the water and stops it touching the inside of the PVA bag. The positive thing is it also sweetens the bait so it adds extra carp appeal to your bait. Carp love hemp, but sweet hemp is a special treat!

Photo rig foam protects hook pointBalanced Hemp carp rig with rig foam on point

Learn to Create Our Critically Balanced Hemp Rig Here!

Place a piece of PVA rig foam onto the point of the hook to stop any hemp catching on the point. As the foam will melt last it may cause the balanced hemp rig to float up above the rest of the hemp when the bag melts, this wont be too much of a problem because it will gently fall back on top of the hemp when the foam melts. The only downside to this is that the hook may not be hidden like in the photos below. 

Picture hemp rig inside pva bagCritically balanced Hemp rig in PVA bag


In the photo above I put rig foam on the hook point, but in the next series I didn't put it on as you'll soon see why! 

Image of wet hemp inside PVA bagPVA bag with hemp inside ready for casting

I use strong, thick PVA bags when covering water-based particles with icing sugar. The liquidity of the sugar covered water makes the PVA go soft but, it wont melt it if done properly. On the negative side, a soft PVA bag also means it wont be great for long casts. 

Image of hemp in waterHow the Hemp PVA looks in water

I did not put any rig foam on the hook point for these photos. This is why the hook is hidden under the hemp and the fake hemp is nicely showing on the top. This can be a risk though, as the point may catch a loose piece of hemp rendering the carp rig useless. If there's plenty of activity and I'm casting the rig frequently then I may take the risk and not put rig foam on the hook point. If I'm leaving the hemp rig out during the night then I will definitely add a small piece of rig foam to the hook point.

photo hemp laid onto free hempseed baitHemp carp rig hidden inside hemp from PVA bag

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