The Buoyant Hook Fishing Rigs

This carp fishing rig has been made up using a standard long-shank hook from the Fox range, and tied onto a combi-link consisting of super silk braid (one & half inches long) attached to black amnesia stiff material. A small pop-up bait was attached to the hair, and a small shot is secured on the barb of the hook. 

The shot is held using fine monofilament line which has been doubled to form a small loop, then the shot split is close to trap the two pieces of line. Once the loop in the line has past the barb, the shot can be gently pushed up so the shot is more secure, but, it still needs to be able to slide up the hook if the barb penetrates a carp's flesh. 

The idea of the shot weight is to cause the point of the hook to drop down quickly and hold it on the flesh of the bottom lip as the fish moves away. This causes the point to immediately catch a hold in the flesh of the bottom lip as the rig starts to come out of the mouth. Both the shot and rig putty weights also have the added advantage of pinning the rig on the bottom of the lake bed. 

Image of buoyancy weighted bait rig on silt presentationsBuoyancy hook fishing rig in silt

The first few pictures show the buoyant hook rig in silt. I do believe this fishing rig may be presented better in silty areas as the hook and end tackle can still be hidden quite well amongst the fine pieces of silt. Our pictures show the rig is not hidden well because we use heavier silt particles in order for the rig to be seen clearly in the photos. In reality there would be many fine particles which would help to cover the majority of the end tackle. 

Lead shot on hook of fishing rig to drop to bottom and balance weight of hook & pop-up

Without the small shot on the barb of the hook, the bait will simply pop up the hook off the bottom and bait presentation wouldn't be effective to catch many carp. The shot pushes the hook point down to pin the rig to the lake bed, plus, it helps drive the point down into the flesh of the bottom lip when a carp takes the rig into its mouth. 

The rig putty, placed about an inch or so away from shrink tube, also helps force the point into the flesh as the fish lifts up after taking the bait. 

Photo overhead view rig weighted in waterOverhead view of slow-sinking hook bait carp rig on silt

This is an overhead view of the buoyant hook fishing rig. Obviously, I would normally use the best colour for the end tackle in order to suit the black, silty lake bed. The colours have been chosen to allow the carp rig to clearly show up in our photos.

Close up of rig with lead shot on barb of hook


The buoyancy hook carp rig was made up using a size 8 long-shank hook from Fox range, and a 12mm pop-up boilie. I purposely used a short hair length for this rig so the bait generally floats nicely above the hook. This helps to cover most of the hook from a carp when it approaches from above. 

Picture shows how leadshot will help balance rig on gravelWeighted shot on hook barb causes rig to critically balance on bottom

The buoyant baited carp rig shows how it looks over a gravel area. It can work well on gravel, although, the colour of the shrink tube should be changed to blend in with the gravel stones!

The only reason I don't like using this good carp fishing rig on gravel, is that the shot weight can pull the point of the hook down and dink its edge on the gravel stones. This process can cause the hook to become blunt very quickly. 

Buoyant pop-up hook fishing rig on gravel
Image of usage of rig putty to create balanceUsing rig putty to weigh down pop-up & hook on gravel bar
Adjusting the weight & buoyancy of the fishing rig
Image showing settled rig from aboveHow the light hookbait rig looks in water from above

Place the rig putty weight on the combi-link knot. This gives it more grip so it holds better when casting out the fishing rig.

An overhead view of the buoyant hook bait rig presented on gravel. The black amnesia of the stiff section should be changed to stiff mono material for best bait presentation.

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