How to Set up a "Rotten Bottom" Chod rig 

By Ian Gemson

The Rotten Bottom Chod rig is designed to cast into very weedy swims with the confidence of knowing that if the lead gets trapped in the weed, the weak mono link will snap allowing you to safely play the carp. 

The rig is based upon a helicopter rig and uses many of the same components. By simply altering the length of the Chod Rotten Bottom Rig (mono line) you are able to place the baited rig such that it will sit nicely upon the upper layers of the weed and therefore be more visible to any passing fish.

What You Will Need to Make a Rotten Bottom Chod Fishing Rig.

Image of leadcore leaderBulk spool leadcore leeders weed colours

- Leadcore

Strong swivel size 8 Korda fishing rigs

- Size 8 swivels

- Korda mini beads

- Light swivel lead

Micro rig rings for making chod rigs

- Micro rig rings

- ESP Mk 2 Stiff rigger hooks 

Solar stiffy stiff links for making combi rig components

- Solar Stiffy stiff link

Monofilament carp fishing lines

- 5lb mono


Image of tools required create chod carp rigsTools needed for creating chod carp rigs

- Scissors 

- Super glue

- Splicing needles

- Rig pullers


Cutting leadcore for best length of chod rig

Step 1

Cut a 45cm length of leadcore using the scissors. Then fold back the end 20cm parallel with the main leadcore

How to remove wire from leadcores

Step 2

Push the outer braided skin back to expose 8cm of the inner lead wire, and break this off.

How to splice leadcore leeders

Step 3

Now insert the splicing needle at the point where the braid skin meets the start of the lead wire to a depth of 3.5cm.

Splicing needle pull through leadcores

Step 4

Place the micro rig onto the braid and splice the micro rig ring into the leadcore.

Placing a rig ring on fishing leeders

Step 5

Pull the braid tight trimming off all excess braid that might show through the wall of the braid. Superglue the splice to secure.

Breaking off wire to create loop in leeder

Step 6

Create a loop in the opposite end of the leadcore. Start by pushing off the outer braided skin back to expose 8 cm of the inner lead wire, and break this off.

Using a splice needle to make a loop for tying on main line

Step 7

With 8cm of lead wire broken off allow the braid to slip back over the lead wire so you end up with 8cm of braid with no wire inside it. Now inset the splicing needle at the point where the braid skin meets the start of the lead wire to a depth of 3.5cm.

How to make a loop in a leadcore leeder rig

Step 8

Now pass the end of the braid skin into the gate of the splicing needle and gentle ease the needle back pulling the skin into the braid.

Pull needle through to create loops

Step 9

Gently pull the splicing needle back through the braid until it is all the way through.

Testing the strength of leeder loops before casting a rig out

Step 10

Now tease the loop in the braid until you get the correct size you need. When you have the correct size tension the loop with a rig puller until the braided loop is tight.

Making stronger leeder loops for big carp fishing

Step 11

Once you are happy with the loop super glue the braid to lock it in place.

How to push beads on leeders to use as shocker buffer when rig settles or during casting

Step 12

Place two Korda beads and a size 8 swivel onto a gated baiting needle and slip onto the leadcore.

Showing how to tie up chod rigs carp fishingHow to tie up a chod carp rig for catching big carp

Step 13

Tie a knotless knot using the ESP Mk2 stiff rigger hooks and Solar Stiffy stiff link material. The hook length is very stiff so can be difficult to manipulate. Using a three turn blood knot tie a short 6.5cm hooklength to the swivel. Carefully melt the tag end (using a lighter blob) to ensure the knot does not slip.

Chod fishing rig with removable lead weights for safety when fishing in weed


Step 14

Now cut the required length of low breaking strain mono to act as the rotten bottom and tie this to the micro ring spliced into the end of the leadcore. Now attach a light lead 1.5oz to the other end. Attach your main line to the spliced loop in the leadcore. Now add a couple of PVA nuggets to the hook and cast into your swim.

The finished rig - safe and effective.


The above content on how to tie a chod carp rig was provided by Ian Gemson from

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