Preparation & Cooking Times for Particle Baits

Below is a guide on how to prepare and cook a load of different particles. The list of particles shows how long you'll need to soak each particle bait, along with how long it takes to cook them. 

You must always ensure your selected particle baits are cooked thoroughly as poorly prepared particles may harm carp!

Soaking and/or cooking times may vary depending on several factors. For example, trying to cook huge quantities of particles together in one go may require a longer soaking time. This is because less water will be able to circulate around each particle due to the excessive weight of massive quantities. Also, adding too much salt may require increased soaking and cooking times because it can cause the outer skins to harden, and this means the water will take longer to penetrate the particles thoroughly. 

The best way to check if particles are cooked thoroughly is to pull out a few using a big spoon, let them cool a little, then see how soft they are in the middle. They should be soft and moist throughout the grain or kernel, and this is when they are cooked properly.

Image of carp after eating particlesCatch carp by cooking baits well & add extra nutrition

Rough Guide to Particle Preparation & Cooking

This cooking guide is listed alphabetically!




Adzuki beans

24 hrs +

Up to 30 mins


6 hrs

15 - 20 mins

Black-eyed Beans

12-14 hrs

Up to 30 mins

Chick Peas

up to 24 hrs

Up to 30 mins

Dari seeds

6 hrs

15 mins +

French mix (hinders)

No Soak Times

1 - 2 mins


No Soaking Times

1 -2 mins

Haricot beans

12-14 hrs

Up to 30 mins

Hemp Seed

12-24 hrs

Until they Split


24 hrs

Up to 30 mins


24-36 hrs

30 mins +

Maize (flaked)

1 hour

1 -2 mins

Maple Peas

12-14 hrs

Up to 30 mins


6 hrs

Up to 30 mins

Partiblend (Hinders)

No Soak Time

1 - 2 mins

Peanut kernels

24 hrs +

30 mins +

Pinto Beans

12-14 hrs

Up to 30 mins

Red kidney Beans

12-14 hrs

30 mins +

Soya Beans

12-16 hrs

Up to 30 mins


12-14 hrs

Up to 30 mins

Tiger Nuts (whole nuts)

24 hrs +

At least 30 mins

Wheat (Buck & Graded)

6 hrs

10-15 mins

We have published the above information as a rough guide to preparing and cooking particles. We are not experts at cooking any particle baits and therefore, the information should be used as a rough guide only. If you're in any doubt, we suggest you reference our values with other particle preparation guides, or check with a reputable company such as Hinders!


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