Ten reasons why you may NOT be catching carp

Take a look at the list of reasons why some carp anglers fail to catch big carp.

Photo shows carp capture failure RigsWork out why Rigs are Failing to Catch!

1. Hook link is too long enabling the carp to pick up and "test" baits before ejecting them, or maybe, the hook link is too short. 

2. The carp may not be in your swim, or you're casting to an area where carp do not patrol.

3. Carp may not be feeding due a sudden abundance of natural food. This can happen on certain lakes and at a specific time every year. 

4. The rig has become tangled during the cast or twisted as the rig landed on the lake bottom. Carp rigs can also become tangled if a fish picks up the hook bait then lands awkward as it rejects the rig.

5. The hook is too small for the size of the bait. If you wish to use smaller hooks then you should have longer hairs, this is so the hook has freedom to drop and prick the flesh. 

6. Too much bait thrown in compared to the number of fish feeding in the swim. This can be especially common during the colder months. If you know the lake has a low number of carp then try casting your rig frequently in various areas - the single bait roaming strategy.

7. Making too much noise on the bank. Many hard gravel-type pegs can cause loud vibrations to travel through the water as we set up or move around, and this could discourage shy carp from moving into the area.

8. Using a bait that carp have associated with danger, whether it's due to the colour, shape or flavour. You could also be casting to an area that carp have been caught from far too often, and as a result many have associated that area with danger.

9. Fish not finding your bait, this could be due to low scented bait or low visibility so passing carp cannot see it. Try High Viz Boilies for Hook Bait.

10. Bait may have become invisible due to use of heavy lead that has dragged the whole rig into soft silt causing a bad bait presentation.


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