Quick Change Leadcore Inline Set Up

These leadcore leaders are interchangeable between inline leads, inline stone weights, method feeders and lead clips. This set up means you wont have to create new leadcore leaders for all of these fishing tactics, for example, you can quickly change from inline lead to using a method feeder by only having to tie a few knots.

The benefits of using the quick change inline leadcore system is that it saves you time and effort enabling you to relax more and enjoy you carp fishing session.

Picture shows Inline leadcore Interchangeable systemInline leadcore systems. Interchangeable to methods stonze & leads

In the pouch above I have numerous inline leadcore leaders pre-tied. Most have a lead clip on them for easier storage, rather than packing them away with a big lead or method on them. The clips will easily slide off and changed over to another fishing method within seconds. I also make sure to have a selection of different colours available, see in the photo below.

Photo of 3 different coloured leadcores3 different colours for leadcore pre-tied sets

Different colours of pre-tied leadcore leaders to choose from. Select the one that best blends in with the colour of the lake bed. I have Weed green, Silt black and Black & White Fleck to choose from. 

** You must remember to make sure the lead, method or stone can freely slide over the knot that connects the leadcore to your mainline. This is so a carp can get rid of the weight should the mainline break during a fight! **

Photo of adding to leadcore leadersLead Clips how to add to Leadcore
Photo of removing lead clipsRemove lead clips for interchanging for methods

The lead clip pulls off the swivel with a little force and enables me to completely remove the lead clip from the leadcore. I can now slide on an inline method feeder, inline stonze weight or inline leads. 

Pic of how to change inline end tackle quicklyChange Inline method for Inline Leads quickly

Now thread on any carp fishing tactic you wish to use. In the photo I show how to create an inline lead with leadcore material. 

Photo shows In-line SystemInline lead changed fast & easily

Always make sure you use the correct swivel that was designed for the inline lead brand you use!


Showing Method Feeder SystemChanging to Inline method feeder fast

Here I thread on a Korda inline method feeder. This only takes a few seconds to change over. 

Showing how leadcore can slide through method RigInline method slides onto leadcore leaders
Picture of In-line Stonze SystemInline Stonze leads with inline set up

Using the inline leadcore leader with inline Stonze lead systems. these can be used as free running rigs or, as shown in the above photo, as semi-fixed.

Shows Attractor leads Can be UsedInterchangeable for inline attractor leads

These quick change systems can be adapted to use any method of inline system for catching carp, here I change over to an inline liquid attractor lead. This can be a great carp fishing tactic when fishing for carp on single hook baits. 

Showing how to tie onto leadcore loopsTie mainline to leadcore loop

Once I have chosen my preferred carp fishing method I quickly tie the loop of the leadcore leader to my mainline.

Photo testing strength of KnotsTest strength of knot before casting

Now my new carp rig is ready to target those big carp, fingers crossed!


We have lots of new carp rigs that I guarantee have caught carp in the past.

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